Hello there!

I’m an entrepreneur, international lawyer, a graduate of the University of Cambridge. I’m interested in languages, literature, technology (especially web technologies & programming), location independence, science, and some other things. This website serves to introduce you to some of my interests.

I’m very interested in entrepreneurship. I have been running my own startup Interlinear Books. In it, we have a mission to bring exciting literature to language learning by making novel Interlinear translations. Such translations could be called ‘subtitles for books’, and they include original literary text in foreign languages supplemented by an English translation below each word or expression. Apart from this, I’m also working on some other additional entrepreneurial ventures and projects in my spare time, such as a verb conjugator called CoolJugator.

Before starting my work with startups, I studied Law. I mostly concentrated on International Law and participated in some big International Law moot court competitions (including the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in Washington D.C., the Foreign Direct Investment Moot Court Competition in London, the WTO Law Moot Court Competition in Cluj-Napoca). However, lately, I have also become interested in other areas of law, including Commercial, Intellectual Property Law (I even represented Cambridge in the Oxford Intellectual Property Law Moot Court Competition), and others. I am particularly interested in the interaction between law and technology, and my research interests were concentrated on the legal regulation of decentralised currencies (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum).

Outside of these professional interests, I maintain a big interest in languages. I’m quite intrigued both by the idea and inner workings of language and also by the natural languages that exist today. I’ve been trying to learn the language of every country I have lived for an extended period of time in. Because of that, I have studied Modern Greek, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish, and I have dabbled in a number of other languages, ranging from French and German to Arabic and Esperanto. My favourite method for improving languages right now is directly related to my startup: literature. But I am interested in literature even outside the context of languages, and my current goal is to expand the diversity of literature I read.

I am also passionate about technology, and about the way emerging technologies are going to change human interaction. Areas I try to keep an eye out on include decentralised technologies, artificial intelligence, and others. I also code. I have acquired some experience in programming (Python – my main language, JavaScript/NodeJS, PHP), web technologies, databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL and RethinkDB). I am a fan of an approach called ‘polyglot programming’ and try to learn at least a bit about many different programming languages and frameworks. Lately, I have been trying to dive into functional programming with Elixir.

I can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, and also reached by e-mail.